Business Machine 0044 - Tom Schwab

September 14, 2016

Today on the Business Machine we have Tom Schwab. Tom is a Michigander Navy Veteran who is a self-identified "Marketing Engineer." He is an author, speaker, and teacher who helps you get more traffic, leads, and raving customer fans by being interviewed on podcasts--like this one!

He hopes to show people the importance of podcasts and how they can help spread the word of what you're doing as a business, and turning listeners into leads by connecting with them on more of an one-on-one basis.
He wishes he didn't have such a strong case of "Superman Syndrome" when he first started out, and instead allowed others to do what he really couldn't do all the time.
Quote: "What's ordinary to you is amazing to others." Derek Sivers
Eat With: Marshall Fields


Tom hopes his employees and team members will tell others about the skills they had learned, and how those skills helped their lives and families in the long-run. He also hopes that his clients will tell stories of how his business had a positive impact on theirs and helped them grow. He really hopes he uses the gifts he's been given to better others' lives.

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